New Years Resolution Love them or hate them?

When thinking about this blog and my own thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, I had a mixture of feelings. Why do we set ourselves up for huge amounts of pressure on a particular day? There are 365 days in the year, so why the beginning of the year? Apparently, New Year’s day is a civil […]

Success Story of Lisa

Hypnotherapy weight loss images of Lisa

Success Story – Lisa It’s hard to remember when my issue with myself and food started, if I look back it was from my teenage years. I was always aware of my body image, what to eat, and when to exercise, but as any teenager, I also wanted to enjoy myself. This is where the […]

Hypnotherapy Myth Busters

pendulum watch

Hypnotherapy doesn’t work, it’s a stage thing, they will make you dance like a Lima and cluck like a Chicken. There are many myths about hypnotherapy, that are either outrageously silly or complete damn right rubbish. So this post will delve inside and bust some of those myths for you. You have to be willing […]