Hypnotherapy doesn’t work, it’s a stage thing, they will make you dance like a Lima and cluck like a Chicken.

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Hypnotherapy Myths Busted

There are many myths about hypnotherapy, that are either outrageously silly or complete damn right rubbish.

So this post will delve inside and bust some of those myths for you.

You have to be willing

The famous words ‘It wont work on me’. Firstly, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Have you ever driven to a place that you know well and thought how did I get here? You knew you were safe but the actual journey was a blur, that is a state of hypnosis or in laymans term ‘Daydreaming’. Anyone can be susceptible to hypnosis you just have to be open to it and willing to listen and relax.

I’m so great you only need one!

One session is all you need. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure nor is it a quick fix. We have 3 levels to our brains, the conscious mind, or as I like to call it ‘our doing’ mind. The pre-conscious ‘short memory call’ (what you did last week). Then our subconscious mind, the lifelong memory holder, ‘the child’. The latter is where everything has been stored from the moment you were born.

Your beliefs, bad-habits, fears, insecurities, addictions, emotional insecurities. Your skills and experiences, in fact, everything that you have seen, done, and thought, are there.

Its your guidance source as well and has guided you for years and for some a lot more years than others.

Hypnosis will train your subconscious mind to think differently and gain control. That can take for some, months. It also has to be repeated regularly to overcome those embedded thoughts, habits etc.

If a hypnotherapist claims they can ‘fix’ you in 1 session be very wary.

I’m scared!

Don’t be, your fears are built around the misconception of hypnotherapy from things you have read or seen in perhaps horror movies. Your mind is there to protect you and if at any point you felt uncomfortable your fabulous subconscious mind would awaken you. I love how I feel after hypnotherapy and how relaxed, happy, and confident I am.

If I fall a sleep, it won’t work!

Not true, As Hypnosis is equal to over 4 hours sleep. and because you are so relaxed falling a sleep is a possibility. Don’t worry if you do, it’s natural, and the sub-conscious, the part that matters can hear everything you say.

And finally, my favourite, you will make me cluck like a chicken, or do something silly and embarrassing. Only, if you really want me to!

Without giving the stage tools away, un-knowingly to you, the stage hypnotist would have used different techniques from the moment you arrived. These would show that you are open and subjective to hypnosis. That’s all I can say.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the truth behind the myths of hypnotherapy, why not try our, short hypnotherapy session for FREE.