Success Story - Lisa

It’s hard to remember when my issue with myself and food started, if I look back it was from my teenage years. I was always aware of my body image, what to eat, and when to exercise, but as any teenager, I also wanted to enjoy myself.

This is where the yo-yo dieting started, before a holiday or a special occasion. I would crash diet, in any, drastic way I could. Always with the latest fade diet, ‘South Beach’ being a favourite or better known as the ‘Atkins Diet’.

Did it work? For a little bit, then I would stop, bang, on goes the weight, there goes my confidence.

The beginning of my journey with Slim With The Mind

Success Story Lisa

This carried on for years. I became a gym bunny, a couch potato, a groupie to Weight Watchers & Slimming World. And a serial google researcher for the next quick fix.

I have always wanted to be confident enough to be a competitive ‘bikini’ bodybuilder. But my relationship with my inner self and food meant this was never going to happen.

I realised I had a problem that was getting out of control around 6 years ago. I was becoming a secret eater.

I would gorge on food one day, purge and then starve myself the next day. My partner never knew any of this, as far they knew I was always healthy eating, exercising, on top of my game. Little did they know. Hindsight, I should have taken heed of that!! Anyhow that’s another story!

I had my first consultation with Michaela over 5 years ago and was skeptical about the process of hypnotherapy for weight loss at first. It wasn’t the quick fix that I was use to doing, how was this going to work with my mind only?!

I had nothing to lose so I enrolled in the Slim With The Mind program.

Pleased is an understatement that I took this step, I replaced the 2 hours of binging and purging with ‘Me’ time. I listened to the Slim With The Mind recordings without fail each day. And also, had 4 private tracks recorded for me (to stop purging).

As weeks passed my confidence grew, and for the first time ever, I was in control of my eating and thoughts.

Since finishing the program I have not looked back, in fact, I have achieved something I had only dreamed of… Competing in my first professional BodyBuilding competition.



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